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 Weekly Blog 
Tuesday, December 06 2016
Tis the Season to Be Jolly

It's here.. The Month all Retailers look forward to.. Christmas shoppers, Holiday Hustling and Bustling, Holiday traveling and all the fun that goes with the Christmas Holiday.. 

We work extra hard this time of year to bring you a store full of toys, stocking stuffers, Warm clothes for traveling, Holiday clothes for that family picture and of course something Adorable to wear to A Holiday Party or on Christmas.. We try and Stock bows to match, Bow ties, ties, suspenders, tights and shoes. It is so much Fun to help you get your Outfits together for such a Joyous time..  Remember that we are stocked Based on what you all bring in.. Have a Holiday dress in great condition from last year that your little girl out grew? How about a play kitchen that no one is using.. Help us out and bring them in so we can pass the savings on to another Family this Holiday Season. 

Have You remembered to SUPPORT your SMALL MOM AND POP SHOPS THIS HOLIDAY SEASON? Please remember to check out our selcection first before going to the BIG stores.  We carry tons of New items.. Melissa and Doug, Tula carriers, Tula blankets, Wubbanubs and more. 

 Watch our Facebook page for some Social Media promotions. We offer a variety of them over the month of December..  

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Tuesday, April 29 2014

We are heading into May with our warm Sunny Weather here in San Diego.. It's officially time for Flip flops and tank tops.. Even though it feels like we have skipped over Winter this year.. If you haven't gotten around to Summer shopping support your Local family business and start with us.. 

I hope you all enjoyed your Spring break with the kids off of school.. I have three teenagers now who kept me crazy busy with all the places and activities they had planned.. My oldest son (16) was a counselor at Indian Hills camp with the refugee kids from City heights all week.. He was in charge of 5 precious little boys who he was very blessed to share the week with.. I was thrilled that he had the opportunity to do this.. They always say take every opportunity to enjoy fun days, vacations and actitives with the kids because the grow up so fast.. That is the Truth.. My Son volunteers as a counselor at Indian Hills all Summer long and now on Spring break which has changed our Family Vacations and time for sure.. We miss him with us but are thrilled he is doing what he has been called to do.. Soooo.. Enjoy the younger years with your kids. Potty Training, Sleepless nights, Endless breast feeding, Messy toys all over the house.. I do Promise they grow up so fast and you will miss those times. If you haven't had a chance to check Indian Hills camp out you should do so.. It's a great place for camps, field trips, family camping or even just spending the day.. 

Buying- Have you taken advantage of Selling to us yet? It's A great way to unload your extra items, clean up your garage or playroom, bless another family the opportunity to shop resale, And support your local store.. At the end you either end up with Cash in your pocket or Store Credit to shop in the store and get what you need at a Major savings.. I have been buying for 20 years now right here at Cory's Closet so if you sell to us come with confidence that we are consistent and will pay you fairly. This is a great way to Re-use, Recycle and Go Green.


Mothers Day is a fun Day to shop with us.. We have a sale going on, Music on the radio and Sundays are extra full after our busy buying on Saturday.. If you want a day out come Shop Cory's Closet with your mom, your friend or your sister.. Moms deserve days off for some fun relaxing ME time.. And don't forget we have a Starbucks just a few doors away along with some excellent food places to grab lunch or an IHop for breakfast.. We are open 11-3 for sure and if we stay busy we will stay open until 5:00 which is our normal schedule.. 

Maternity- We have a Fabulous selection and add more items every day..


Stamp Cards~ Have you gotten a stamp card yet? This a greay loyalty card.. You spend $150 and you get a $10 coupon off a $20 purchase on anything you choose on your next visit.. You can spend it all at once or each time you shop you fill up more stamps on your card.. This is a great coupon for you.. I saw someone get her daughters Easter dress and a bow for free with the coupon a few weeks ago.. Cant' beat that deal... It works with our Sale items also.. 

Ways to Save Money in our store.. We have several great deals all the time.. Infant (0-9) months is always buy 2 get the 3rd item free.. Books are also always Buy 2 get the 3rd item free. We have 20% off Red slashed items on the racks. We also have a dollar days clearance rack with all items $1-$3 each.. Sell to us and choose the store credit option for an extra 20% to shop in the store.. And remember all our items are already a discount off the retail prices.. Also, Leave us a positive facebook message for an Instant $2.00 coupon or a Positive yelp review for a store credit.. Just ask us for the details.. 

Remember if you ever have any comments, questions or concerns please contact me.. Either through our Facebook page personal messages or throught email at Or you can chat with me in the store.. I am always open to ideas, new thoughts, comments, Positive and negative feedback.. This is our 20th year in business so I know how much things have changed since we started this fun crazy little store.. I do my best to change with the times but sometimes someone has something New they can teach me.. 

Have a Great Day and I Hope to see you shopping or selling with us Soon.. 

Mother's Day Coupon

Shop with us on Mother's Day and Get $5.00 off any $25.00 or more purchase of Resale Clothing, Maternity, shoes,and small toys.. 

This offer is not valid with store credit. 

No coupon is necessary..

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Monday, August 26 2013

It's the most wonderful time of the year at Cory's Closet for our Customers and our staff..We love rolling from Back To School to Fall clothing and Halloween. As the Retail stores have Packed up the Summer clothing we stock our racks with Summer and Fall for the Back To School Season.. Need an extra sundress for that September wedding? A bathing suit for that Labor Day weekend trip to the Beach? Stop in and take a look.. We still have a great selection.. 

Do you have a bin full of Old Halloween Costumes? We are Buying Halloween Costumes now..We will take a look at any from size newborn to 14. We also take accessories such as Hats, boots, wings, wands, and more.. Check our Facebook page for details. 

Have you gotten your stamp card started? It fills up quickly..Come by and shop and we will give you your stamp card. It's a great rewards program for you.. 

Buying News~ It's that season.. We are taking Fall, Back To School, Halloween, and will start to take your SKi and Snow clothing. Call us on Mondays for our Week Schedule or watch our Facebook page for updates. 

Have Baby Equipment? We have a very wide open schedule to help you unload it. Call us for times and days and we will get you right in.. 619-660-1235

As always.. If you need anything, Have a question?, Suggestion, Or just want to get in touch with us.. Our email is I am always happy to help. 

Thanks for being one of our AWESOME Customers.. 

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Monday, July 08 2013

Didn't Summer just start? I know my kids have only been out a few weeks but they are managing to count down every day til they have to go Back To School. I keep telling them to enjoy the Back Yard Sleepovers and Beach Days and we will count down the last week. Why dread it already right? 

Back To School Season officially begins in our store on July 5th.. We start to Buy Back To School clothes and Our Customers start to Buy Handfuls at a time preparing for the next season ahead. I have had lots of people filling up stamp cards in one purchase over the last week. That is exciting because that means they are getting fabulous items for a fraction of the cost new.. If you have been a long time customer of ours you know what a Resource we are for our families this time of year. One of the best parts is we will still have a great variety of SUMMER clothes through September on our racks but also stock them with Fall clothing. 

If you need hoodies and jeans or skirts and tank tops we will have it all. The retail stores will just have the winter and Fall items this time of year. 

On the same note this is a great time to clean out and bring items in.. For what reason now? We buy both Summer And Fall during our Back To School Season. Watch our Facebook Page for our Buying times and days. 


Buying News Flash

We are taking Large toys and Equipment 10:30-4:00 Monday Thru Saturday right now.. Just walk in with your items. No appt is needed.. 

Summer Reading. 

Don't forget to keep the kids reading. All our Books are buy 2 get the 3rd free. We have a ton of books in stock right now. 

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Sunday, June 16 2013

Its that time of year again.. The hustle and bustle of the last few weeks of school and then BAM the kids are home and looking for stuff to do.. 

Some of my favorite summer activities are hitting up the museums in Balboa Park ( southern california residents go free to certain museums every Tuesday). I print up the schedule and stick it to the fridge.. 

Free Movies in the Regal Kids program~ Tuesdays and Wednesdays the 10:00 movie is free.  The schedule is also up early on Regals website so look into that program. 

The library tends to have some activites with craft days, story times, and magic shows so check your local library too. 

We also sell all our books buy 2 get the 3rd free so keep those kids reading this summer. 

This time of the year we start to think of BACK TO SCHOOL clothes.. It's crazy how fast the SUMMER clothes are out of the stores when it is still hot here through October. We keep Summer clothes all through September and add Warm and School clothes in with our selection. It is usually 90 degrees when my kids go back in August so I know what New Seasonal clothes we need for school.. SUMMER. Take advantage of our Sales, Clearance rack and Coupon Days this Summer.

We are in Need of cars and trucks.. They sell so fast in the store. Either that or they drive away at night when we are closed.. Lol. If you have any to bring in we would love to buy them from you..

Do your kids still play with those play structures and swings in the back yard? Is the sandbox just sitting?This is the time of year we really need outside play toys.. 



Start thinking of gathering your kids School clothes and unloading them to us. It will be here real quick when we start begging for them. The season is around the corner. 

If you need any 4th of July attire, a dress for a wedding, Graduation shirt or dress, A Hawaiin Shirt for that Luau, that awesome bathing suit for your upcoming vacation remember to check with us first.. Save some bucks and get more for your money shopping resale. 

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Monday, April 15 2013

Just a Few Updates since we have lots going on in the store.. 

We are almost always buying equipment so keep an eye out on our facebook page or call us for details or times.. There are very few days that I don't have a staff member for Equipment buying.. We need it right now so we are offering a BONUS this week until Saturday 4/20/2013 of an extra 10% in cash if you mention this to us for selling us your Baby Equipment.. This week you can bring any Baby Equipment and large toys in MON~SAT 10:30-4 except Thursday 10:30-12:30.. This is for CASH on the spot and we will BONUS you the extra 10% if you mention this ad.. 

Facebook is a great way to follow us. I am constantly on it and uploading New merchandise, Answering questions, and promoting sales and events in the store.. If you haven't clicked LIKE on our page you can from the Home section of our WEBSITE.. You don't want to miss out on the Fun so Become a FAN of ours quickly.. I have a New Give A Way coming soon.. 

This is the time for SUMMER clothing only. We are full of great summer items and will continue to be throught October.  Believe it or not We will be buying Back To SChool clothes in JUNE so hold on to your items because that comes soon. If you have never shopped a BACK TO SCHOOL season with us you won't be dissapointed. We both buy and sell fabulous items and make all our Moms happy with the savings for this time of year.. 

I need your KIDS pictures for our Cory's Closet Kids Wall.. IF you have something you would like to share for our photo wall please email it to me.. Just looking for fun pictures so we can share with our community.. is our email address.

Have you seen all the NEW items in the store. We have such a great selection of items for Baby Showers and Birthday parties. We currently have a huge rack of all new GAP and GYMBOREE at a great savings to you.. 

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Monday, January 28 2013
 This is our First Facebook Promotion.. You can't beat trying to win this Pottery Barn Vanity for your sweet girl.. 

You can link to our Facebook page right here from our website. 

Good Luck...
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Tuesday, January 15 2013
 The New Year brings New ideas, Positive changes and New Energy. I am so thrilled with all our wonderful additions and fun changes for 2012.. I want to make sure we have just as many in 2013.. 

Our Facebook Page has been a very positive addition to the store for 2012. It allows customers to see new merchandise, what our buying schedule is and we advertise deals and sales on it whenever we have something going on. If you have not joined our page yet I recommend you do soon. We have some fun stuff coming for you. Coming Very quickly. 

Our Walk in Buying Times on Specific Days has been a huge success. We seem to accomodate our busy moms easier this way. If you ever need an apt or would like one please just let us know. We are happy to help and make it easy for you. 

Our buying days are almost always staffed with 3 buyers and I have heard we have the shortest wait in town because of that.. So keep that in mind as you are trying to resell your items.. Cory's Closet has got the process down packed after 19 years:~)

Our Spring Clothing is hitting the floor.. We will continue to have a Fabulous Selection of warm clothes to get you through the next few months. This is always a great time to sell to us because we buy both seasons. It is also a good time to get a jump start on your Spring Wardrobe. 

We have some New Dance wear in the store so keep us in mind if you are looking for any Tutu's, Leotards, Bun covers, tights or Dance Bags. We have great deals and when shopping with us you are supporting a small business. 

THANK YOU for a Wonderful 2012 and Many wishes and Cheers to you for 2013. 

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Tuesday, November 20 2012
Cory's Closet just celebrated our anniversary and we are starting our 19th year in Business.. It is so exciting and amazing that we have been a part of this community for so long. Thank you to each and everyone of you for all your support.. Since I was just barely out of Highschool when our Family opened this store it has been my one and only Career. The best part of it is I love it today more then yesterday! I am looking forward to many more years sharing this RESALE store with you. 

Black Friday Sales ~Every Customer who walks through our doors will get a coupon for shopping.. We are open 10-5.. 
We also have Sales through out the store right now..
All Books are Buy 2 get the 3rd free
All Layette and 0-6 month clothing are Buy 2 get the 3rd free.. 
This is a great savings to you.$$$$

Holiday Clothing has hit the floor..We have so many beautiful dresses, Sweaters, Skirts, Slacks, Button up tops, Vests, and more.. We also have NEW hair accessories to complete your outfit. 
Snow Clothes~
Are you traveling for the Holidays or just going to our local mountains for some fun in the snow? We have boots, Bibs, Jackets, gloves, and hats.. Save serious money buying these items RESALE.

We need your toys and Equipment this time of year more then ever. Please clean out your toy boxes, storage spaces, and play rooms.. We are buying a ton and we would love for you to bring your items in. Check our Facebook page for updates and times. They are posted weekly. 

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday with your Family and Friends and we hope to see you this weekend for the kick off of Holiday shopping.. 
Remember to support your Local Small Business this Saturday November 24th for Small Business Saturday!

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Thursday, October 04 2012
 It's almost here.. I could feel the crisp morning today and it makes me think of UGG boots and skinny jeans with hooded sweatshirts.. I am ready for Cooler days and my yard to be covered in leaves..
It is time to put away the swimsuits and bring out the boots.. 

 This is one of the best times to shop at Cory's Closet because we have both a selection of Summer items to get you through the final warm days and Fall clothing to prepare you for what we are all waiting for. We also have a Fabulous selection of Halloween costumes.. If you don't see what you are looking for you can add your name and costume to our wonderful wish list and we can call you if we get that ideal character in.
 From Ghosts to Goblins and Pirates to Puppies our selection is changing every day. Just yesterday I bought over 30 costumes to add to our racks. We have costumes in size newborn to 12-14.. 

Check our dollar Day Racks for summer clearance where every item is under $3.00.

Have you been filling out those reading logs every night? Remember all our books are buy 2  get the 3rd book free.. We always have a very large selection from toddler books to chapter books that your 10 year old will enjoy reading.

Last but not least.
We have been increasing our buying days for Baby equipment and large toys..We are always looking for your gently used Baby Equipment. Please call us or message me on Facebook to see what days and times we have available. If what we have doesn't work for you please let us know. We are very flexible. 619-660-1235
We are especially in need of:
Baby Equipment~ Highchairs, Pack and Plays, Walkers, Jumparoo's, Ergo Carriers, Swings, Booster seats for the table, bassinets, Strollers ( all types), Changing tables, gliders, and dressers. 
Large toys~ kitchens, Sand and water tables, sandboxes, picnic tables, slides, ride on toys, push toys, toy boxes, easels, work benches, vanity's, toy cubbie organizers, and activity tables.
We pay very Fair.. 50% of what we sell the items for an additional 20% if you spend it in the store.. 

Like us on Facebook and watch for new merchandise and promotions along with our Buying schedule.. 

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We carry Carseat and Nursing covers from Copper Pearl

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